Algeti Protected Areas include:

  • Algeti National Park (IUCN Category II),
  • Dashbashi Natural Monument (IUCN Category III), and
  • Samshvildi Canyon Natural Monument (IUCN Category III),

The two natural monuments function under the management of Algeti NP administration. Establishment of one more nature monument is foreseen.

Algeti National Park is located in the southeast of the country, in the region of Kvemo Kartli, within the Municipality of Tetritsqaro, some 60 km southwest of Tbilisi. The National Park stretches along the upper Algeti valley; it is characterized by mountainous relief with the highest point being Mount Kldekari at 1950 m above sea level, and is rugged with great number of small rivers and ravines.

6044 hectares of Algeti National Park are covered with valuable deciduous and coniferous (23% of the landcover) forests. The latter include the relict species of Caucasian Spruce (Picea orientalis) and Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) which grow here at their easternmost limits. The rich composition of local vegetation – 1664 species of plants – is well reflected in the name “Floristic knot” – as botanists of the park call it. The park is abundant in large mammals and is the immigration area of several species. A significant number of red list (e.g. Ursus arctos, Lynx lynx), relict and endemic species of animals and birds make this site crucial for biodiversity conservation.

Algeti National Park is an important base for scientific researches. It is of water-retention and soil-protection importance. Being known as recreation centre since Soviet times and close to Tbilisi, Algeti is attracting people from the capital for recreation and has a considerable potential for ecological tours. Popular activities here include hiking, horse riding, cycling and birdwatching.

Prior to the launch of the Programme, Algeti National Park was featured by a significant lack of the NP staff capacity with few vacant positions in the administration, poor NP infrastructure and very limited visitor receiving capacity, as well as by a number of threats to local biodiversity. Thus, high firewood demand, especially from the nearby settlements of Manglisi / Tsalka threatened conservation of the precious forests. For two natural monuments in the vicinity of the park, which shall be included into the NP’s management, a nomination process has started.


Further information about Algeti National Park can be found here:


Contact information:

Director: Avtandil Mchedlidze
Tel: 571 22 05 85
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visitors Service Specialist: Salome Kobaidze 
Tel: 595 08 60 80
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 4 Kurorti Street, Manglisi borough

The National Park’s administration also runs a page on Facebook (in Georgian).


During the first year of the SPPA-Georgia Programme, the Regional Advisory Council for Algeti National Park was established. The list of the RAC members with contacts can be downloaded here.