Kintrishi Protected Areas cover the Kintrishi Strict Nature Reserve established in 1959 and Kintrishi Protected Landscape established in 2007. The Protected Areas are located in Achara, Kobuleti District, at a distance of 360 km from Tbilisi, between the Black Sea and the mountain system of Achara-Imereti. The forested mountain relief of Kintrishi Protected areas is characterized by deep gorges formed by Kintrishi River and its tributaries. The PAs cover an area of approximately 12.000 ha, and APA envisages an extension of the area by approximately 2000 ha in the area of Mount Paranga.

About 80% of Kintrishi Protected Areas are covered with forest, making it the largest forested protected area in Georgia: these include unique Colchic relict forests, chestnut and hornbeam forests, oak and yew trees. Kinstrishi’s fauna is featured by high diversity – e.g. there are red-listed animals like Ursus arctos, the notable Tetraogallus caspius, 28 species of endemic small mammals, various birds of prey, etc.); the local rivers and ravines and rich in trout of high conservation value.

Kintrishi PAs have the advantage of already relatively well established tourist infrastructure. They offer their visitors tourist trails, both for hiking and horse riding, several sites of historical and cultural importance. However, by the time the Programme launch, the Protected Areas lacked management planning (e.g. no management plan existed and there was need for demarcation of the outer borders), visitor management capacity, struggled to cope with uncontrolled fishing, hunting and logging and faced the growing pressure from tourism development.

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Contact information:

Director: Amiran Khinikadze 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visitors Service Specialist: Nana Noghaideli
Tel: 577 59 21 12
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 4 Leselidze Street, Kobuleti

The Protected Areas’ administration also runs a page on Facebook (in Georgian).


During the first year of the SPPA-Georgia Programme, the Regional Advisory Council for Kintrishi Protected Areas was established. The list of the RAC members with contacts can be downloaded here.