Project Implementing Agency

The Agency of Protected Areas bears the functions of the Project Implementing Agency.

The Agency’s primary responsibility is to manage Georgia’s protected areas – strict nature reserves, national parks, natural monuments, managed reserves, protected landscapes, biosphere reserves, world heritage sites and wetland sites of international importance – in cooperation with other institutions. In order to sustain and develop the national PA network, the Agency carries out the PA system and capacity development planning, as well as develops strategies, plans, draft laws and guidelines related to PAs. Furthermore, the Agency maintains and supervises individual PAs, with objective to improve their management, ensure functionality of territorial administrations and oversee the process of following legally established regulations. Alongside, APA is tasked to plan, create and develop new protected areas in the country.

In the frame of the SPPA-Georgia, the Agency’s area of work and responsibility is to:

  • Oversee the project implementation and provide conceptual support;
  • Maintain liaison within the MoENRP, facilitate contact to other government institutions, provide access to available information;
  • Approve expert missions;
  • Approve disbursement of disposition fund;
  • Appoint Protected Area Administration.

Further information about the Agency can be found here: