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Demarcation of Dashabshi and Samshvilde Canyon Nature Monument 

November 20, 2015
Under the frames of SPPA Project, the demarcation works for Dashbashi and Samshvilde Canyon Nature Monuments, has been carried out. Mentioned Nature Monuments are under the administration of Algeti National Park and therefore, Algeti NP Advisory Council held a work meeting.

The meeting was attended by the director of Algeti NP, representatives of local self-government, technical advisor of the SPPA-Georgia Project and invited consultants from “Geographic” (organization in charge of the demarcation works). 

The council members discussed the issues related to demarcation. As a result, according to their decision, grassland and pastures located within the boundaries of the National Park will remain there with the right of traditional use by local population.

In order to maintain forests, three forest fragments located east to the National Park with the total area of 142 ha, will also remain within the boundaries of the Park. According to the decision of Algeti Advisory council, all registered agricultural land plots and rural access roads will be excluded from the territories of the National Park. It should be noted that Algeti Council is an advisory body of the National Park, designed as an integral management tool for protected areas.