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Business ideas selection contest for the support zone villages of Algeti, Kazbegi and Kintrishi Protected Areas

November 16, 2015
As a result of the contest, ten business ideas were selected in each PA administration; The ideas can be used by the local population in the future to fulfill invented ideas; The winning candidates received 400 Gel each as an award.

The winners were selected by the jury consisting from the representatives of the Regional Advisory Councils and local residents. Business ideas should satisfy the following criteria: be innovative; need of the innovation and possible benefits; Ability to meet the needs of the local market; size; co-participation; environmental compliance; freedom from political and religious themes; possibility of using these ideas in the real life.

For the effective management of the programme, Regional Advisory Council (RAC) has been established which is completed by the representatives of local Municipality, PA staff and other relevant stakeholders and institutions. RACs will be in charge of all contest planned to be implemented for the support zone villages of the target protected areas during 2015-2019.