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The contest in Pshav-Khevsureti NP „Tourism Development in Ukanapshavi community”

October 31, 2018
Within the framework of Support Programme for Protected Areas in the Caucasus – Georgia Program was held the competition for the Ukanapshavi community in the support zone of Pshav-Khevsureti National Park.

On 13th October 2018 in village Tkhiliana, 12 persons from the Ukanapshavi community participated in the training dedicated to topic “Rural tourism basics”. After going through a paper-based test, 7 beneficiaries were chosen to take part in the second stage of the contest. 

On 14th October 2018 hired tourism expert visited chosen 7 beneficiaries and inspected their houses and evaluated tourism potential.

On 31th October 2018 was held final session of “Tourism Development contest for Ukanapshavi community”. Participated 7 representatives of 5 local villages. The jury decided to award all 7 participants. 

Winning persons:

-VLG. Tkhiliana - Zaza Kochashvili - 5000 GEL

-VLG. Shuapkho - Maia Tselauri - 5000 GEL

-VLG. Vakissopeli – Pikria Tselauri - 5000 GEL

-VLG. Chidali – Vaja Jabanishvili - 4700 GEL

-VLG. Shuapkho – Goderdzi Kochashvili - 4300 GEL

-VLG. Tkhiliana – Givi Elizbarashvili - 3700 GEL

-VLG. Zarischala – Tea Khiblashvili - 2900 GEL

Projects implementation duration is 8 months. 

The competition was funded by the German Reconstruction Credit Bank (KfW) and supported by Pshav-Khevsureti National Parks Friends Association. The project is implemented by Consulting Group "GFA".