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Contest in Kazbegi NP "Social projects among the villages of the community"

August 17, 2018
On 16-17 August 2018 within the framework of Support Programme for Protected Areas in the Caucasus – Georgia Program was held the competition for the 5 communities in the support zone of Kazbegi National Park. Competition title was "Social projects among the villages of the community". The contests were held in the community centers.

Proposals from each village were presented by the trusted persons publicly and the local jury was selected by the population on the competition day. In total, 20 winners were revealed and the responsible individuals were granted. The total prize fund of the competition amounted to 116,964 GEL. The competition was funded by the German Reconstruction Credit Bank (KfW) and supported by Algeti National Parks Friends Association. The project is implemented by Consulting Group "GFA".

Winning Projects and Responsible persons:

Kobi-Gudauri community

1. VLG.Kumlistsikhe – Levan Marsagishvili – Arranging playground for children - 8982 Gel

2. Truso gorge – Soso Kobaidze – Road rehabilitation- 7984 Gel

3. VLG. Ukhati – Khvicha Tsiklauri – Fencing village hay-meadows - 3992 Gel

4. VLG. Almasiani –Giorgi Chopikashvili – Arranging footbridge on the river Narovan-  2994 Gel

Total sum  - 23 952 Gel

Goristsikhe community

1. VLG. Goristsikhe- Mikheil Avsajanishvili- Arranging village gathering place- 8483 Gel

2. VLG. Tkarsheti- Orbi Maisuradze- Finalizing rehabilitation of village’s gym- 5489 Gel

3. VLG. Kanobi- Zurabi Zilinashvili – Arranging public square - 4990 Gel

4. VGL. Khurtisi – Eka Buchukuri – Purchasing inventory for village’s’ Ritual house- 4491 Gel

Total sum  - 23 453 Gel

Sioni community

1. VLG. Pansheti- Shota Sabauri- Arranging outdoors exercise equipment -  7135.70 Gel

2. VLG. Garbani- Giorgi Geladze- Arranging public square- 6487 Gel

3. VLG. Arsha- Giorgi Khulelidze- Purchasing small scale mowing machine - 5189.60 Gel

4. VLG. Sioni- Tengizi Odishvili- Arranging heating system at village’s’ Ritual house-4491 Gel

Total sum  - 23303.30 Gel

Sno community

1. VLG. Sno and Achkhoti- Ioane Gelashvili – Floor rehabilitation in the Gym-- 7485 Gel

2. VLG. Karkucha – Aleksi Marsagishvili – Arranging public square - 6487 Gel

3. VLG. Akhaltsikhe- Gogi Buchukuri- Arranging public square - 5988 Gel

4. VLG. Juta- Tariel Arabuli- Fencing and forestation of landslide area - 3493 Gel

Total sum  - 23453 Gel

Stepantsminda community

1. Stepantsminda township– Vakhtang Alibegashvili- Settling of the local stadium - 7102.70 Gel

2. VLG.Gergeti- Levan Gomiashvili- Settling head water tank construction - 7000 Gel

3. VLG. Tsdo – Vano Tsiklauri- ცდო Arranging village gathering place- 5700 Gel

4. VLG.Gveleti – Pavle Tsiklauri- Fencing village hay-meadows - 3000 Gel

Total sum  - 22802.70 Gel