Output Area 6: Project management

To ensure efficient project management, the emphasis within this component is made on defining, already at the stage of the inception phase, clear procedures for steering the project, Disposition Fund management and procurements to be conducted within the programme.

Distinctive features of the approach for this Outcome Area are:

  • Setting up an efficient project steering and communication structure ensuring interaction at national and target PA levels;
  • High quality and timely operation planning and cost and financing scheduling in a joint effort with APA and PA staff at national and PA levels;
  • Making use of IT and modern communication tools to support the project and financial management.

Major Output/results and dates

  • September, 2014: Establishment of staff, furnishing and equipping the PIU is completed
  • Regularly: Monthly (2014-2015) / Quarterly (2015-2019) progress reports are elaborated and submitted to APA and KFW
  • Semi-annually: Six-months more detailed progress reports are elaborated and submitted to APA and KFW
  • End of each year: Operational Plan is elaborated for the following year and is agreed with APA and KFW
  • Beginning of each year: Financial audit is conducted

A detailed work plan for the Outcome Area 6 can be found here.