Output Area 5: Sustainable financing

There is very little funding for Georgian PAs at present other than government and donor funding. Although increased in the recent years, government contribution is still only one third of the estimated optimum level of funding needed to cover operational and investments costs for the national PA network. There is clearly a need for finding new financial sources to supplement existing funding for PAs as well as for developing the capacity at the systemic, institutional and individual level for planning, developing and implementing a sustainable finance plan for the PAs.

The programme activities under this Outcome Area aim at providing support to the sustain-able financing of the national PA system. APA and PAs will be supported to develop operation and maintenance concepts including cost estimates and implement these concepts. The programme will also monitor that provisions are made in the state budget as well as implement measures to increase counterpart contributions of the PAs. The development and financial assessment of self-financing possibilities and limitations will be a major task to sup-port the sustainable financing of the selected PAs. Furthermore, under this component, the support to APA to apply for funding under the Caucus Nature Fund (CNF) is considered.

Major outcomes/results and dates

  • End of 2014: Applications from selected PAs are submitted to and approved by CNF
  • 2016: Assessment on possibilities and limitations for partial PA self-financing
  • From 2016: Pilot measures on self-determined utilization of revenues are conducted
  • Regularly: Coordination/synergies are ensured with other donors and international projects

A detailed work plan for the Outcome Area 5 can be found here.