Output Area 4: System level

The Programme aims at strengthening national PA systems in particular topics to enable the reform processes according to international standards. The topics are to be selected and agreed upon with involvement of the National PA Board and Advisory Councils. Furthermore, the Programme encourages that the experiences derived from the supported PAs should be presented and discussed at national level for potential replication/upscaling of the most successful initiatives.

Strengthening the PA network must be based on a structured and unified data collection and assessment, and knowledge management platform through consistent monitoring of PA efficiency. The Programme intends to make use of IT-supported information management to build a database on PA relevant data, such as biodiversity, maps, land tenure and cadastre data. IT based solution “Triple-I” allows proper data storage and can be easily accessed for monitoring and evaluation by APA at any given time. It integrates financial, technical and geographical data and is thus apt to form the base of documentation of geo-referenced biodiversity data.


Major Output/results and dates

  • End of 2014Triple-I is modified/customized to the needs of APA and PA administrations
  • End of 2015Triple-I is fully functional for target PAs
  • From 2016Installation/use of Triple-I is initiated in other PAs
  • 2016-2018: Workshop for all PAs of Georgia on experience sharing and synergies
  • 2016-2018: Modernization of defined topics at system level


A detailed work plan for the Outcome Area 4 can be found here.