Output Area 2: PA Management

The second Programme component targets full recognition of the selected PAs and their functional management. This implies ensuring legitimization and social acceptance of the target Protected Areas as prerequisite for successful implementation of the planning documents, and subsequent provision of comprehensive support for the implementation of infrastructure, equipment and capacity building investments, including investments in management programmes, for example nature education, as planned.  

The following elements of the component are deemed most important for resolving potential resource/land use conflicts and therefore for enhancing PA factual recognition:

  • Participatory management and land use planning: The land use plan aims at dividing a certain area into zones for which specified regulations are established in order to secure sustainable and efficient land use and the optimal outcome in social, economic and ecologic matters.
  • As conservation of biodiversity is not possible without support and adequate participation of the local communities, the support zone development programme will be developed as an integral part of the management plan and the land use plan following the same regional development vision as the other planning documents.
  • Providing a platform for discussions and open exchange on conflicting issues: Through discussions of controversial issues regarding support zone and park development, commenting on PA Management Plans, mediating between PA administrations and local population among other assigned tasks, Regional Advisory Councils will significantly contribute to involvement of local stakeholders in PAs development, raising acceptance and building ownership for nature conservation.


Major Output/results and dates

  • End of 2014: Target PAs have required basic equipment for  functioning
  • End of 2015: Construction of new administration and visitor centres is completed for all target PAs
  • 2015: Creation of Environmental Education Centre is initiated
  • End of 2016Demarcation of all target PAs is completed
  • From 2017: Measures of biodiversity conservation and monitoring are implemented in line with the Management Plans
  • End of 2018Infrastructure and equipment is fully procured for all target PAs
  • End of 2018Environmental Education Centre is functioning and its sustainability is ensured
  • AnnuallyPublic awareness raising measures are implemented; staff trainings are conducted based on plan; exchange seminars are organised among the PAs; study tours are conducted to National Parks of Germany/Austria


A detailed work plan for the Outcome Area 2 can be found here.