Output Area 1: Planning

Prior to elaboration and/or update of management, investment and business plans for the selected PAs, the Programme aims to conduct a preparatory assessment of the status quo based on existing data and additional surveys / baseline studies. A number of implementation strategies will be developed to be later included into the planning process.

According to the international requirements and best practice, planning for PA development should be based on participatory mechanisms. Participation of the population living adjacent to the PA and being users of its natural resources must be heard in the management planning process, discussing the inner and outer boundaries of a PA and respective rules and regulations. Only by active involvement of local stakeholders, including communities, it can be guaranteed that they will also identify with the goals of the PA and accept restriction related to their land use practices.

As a participatory coordination mechanism at PA level Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) – informal advisory bodies – are to be established for each of the selected PAs in the first phase of the programme. The RACs will comprise representatives of PA staff, local organisations of the civil society, farmer associations, local authorities and relevant line agencies, therefore ensuring participation and interest representation of local stakeholders in management and land use planning.

The expected outcome within this component is that by the end of the Programme (March, 2019) all selected PAs will have the necessary planning documents for their development elaborated in a participatory manner. These include:

  • Eco-tourism development strategy and plan
  • Communication strategy and plan
  • Staff trainings plan
  • PA Management Plan
  • Annual Operational Plans


Major Output/results and dates

  • By the end of 2016: all target PAs have Management Plans developed and approved via participatory processes that include strategies for support zone, communication, eco-tourism and human resources development
  • At the end of each year: Operational / Action Plans are  elaborated for each target PA for the following year
  • By the end of 2018Strategy is elaborated for sustaining investments


A detailed work plan for the Outcome Area 1 can be found here.

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