Support Programme for Protected Areas in the Caucasus - Georgia (SPPA-Georgia) is a 5 years long (2014-2019) programme co-funded by the German Cooperation in the Caucasus through the KFW Development Bank. The SPPA programme is implemented under the “Eco-regional Nature Conservation Programme (ENCP)” in the Southern Caucasus Region, launched by the BMZ in 2001. The ENCP aims at promoting cooperation between the countries in the South-Caucasus with respect to the development of a coherent strategy to ensure biodiversity conservation in the unique Caucasus Eco-region.

During implementation of the Programme, 8.25 million euros will be invested in the protected areas (PAs) of Kazbegi, Kintrishi, Algeti and Pshav-Khevsureti, and their support zones – the areas in the periphery of or enclaves within the protected areas, which have direct influence on the protected areas through natural resource use, land tenure or traditional land use rights of the respective population.

The purpose of the Programme is the enhancement of natural resources and protected areas management, providing support to the four selected protected areas, while at the same time improving the socio-economic situation of the adjacent local rural communities.

The overall objective of the Programme stands on two equally important, mutually reinforcing pillars:

  • Improvement of natural resources and protected area management of the selected PAs without negatively affecting the livelihoods of the rural population in the long term; and
  • Improvement of the socio-economic situation of adjacent rural communities without depletion of the natural resource base and biodiversity.



 The Programme is divided into 6 outcome areas:

Outcome Area (Aarea of intervention) Expected outcome/result

Planning for PA Development Selected PAs have all necessary planning documents for their development and the promotion of the adjacent communities is available
PA Management Selected PAs are recognized and have functional PA management
Support Zones Adjacent communities of the selected PAs benefit from investments in the socio-economic development of the support zones of the PAs
System Level National PA system is strengthened in particular topics according to international standards
Sustainable Financing Sustainable financing of the national PA system is supported
Project Management The Programme is managed efficiently